Page-view analytics for your website

Figure out how the most important pages on your blog, website or app.

Umami provides convenient page view and event tracking so that you
can build awesome software.


Check out what Umami looks like

Umami main screen

Web Page Analytics

Umami's a great analytics tool with support for referrer tracking, per-page breakdowns, and overall stats.

Umami realtime feature

See events as they come in

Umami also has a realtime mode which can show you events on your site, as fast as they are recorded.

Umami dark mode

Dark mode enabled

Night-owls rejoice! Umami has dark mode


What else can Umami do?

Pin-point accuracy

Umami can help you track visits to your sites and the actions your users take without guesswork.

Figure out how many people bounce, and how many people stay.

Sharable links

Need to show analytics to people outside your organization?

Umami supports sharable links, so you can share your traffic and stats with other people.

Real-time stats

Need to monitor events as they happen?

Umami offers real-time statistics and events, so you can watch usage of your site as it happens.


Some answers to your questions.

Is Umami GDPR compliant?

Yes, Umami is designed to be GDPR compliant. It doesn't use cookies or collect personal data.

What types of analytics does Umami provide?

Umami provides website traffic analytics, including page views, visitor count, and bounce rates.

Can I self-host Umami?

Yes, Umami is open source and you can self-host it. Please see the documentation for more information.

What Nimbus Web Serivces offers you is managed hosting for Umami -- no need to provision servers or worry about uptime.

Another great choice is Umami's official cloud offering, Umami Cloud.

What does Umami cost?

As a hosted service on Nimbus, Umami's cost differs depending on your needs. Most sites are fine with a Medium instance.

Size Price* Monthly Price (avg) *
Medium $0.17 USD/day $5 USD/month
Large $0.50 USD/day $15 USD/month
Extra Large $0.04 USD/hour $29 USD/month

*Prices are approximate and may vary by month, including but not limited to leap years.

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Can I export my data from my Umami instance?

Yes, data can be exported to take to your own Umami instance, at any time, for any reason.

As Umami only currently supports database dumps as a form of backup,

If this use-case interests you, please contact Nimbus Support.

Will I have access to the machine that Umami runs on?

No, Nimbus is a managed service provider -- this means that we are not a VPS hosting service, in particular for Umami.

As such, we cannot give you access to the underlying infrastructure powering your Umami instance, to ensure security of other customers and tenants.

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