Managed services
for the low cost cloud.

Spend more time on your business,
and less time managing infrastructure.

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Services running in just a few clicks.

Easy access to the best of open source.
Whether you need infrastructure for your applications (like Redis or Memcached),
or business applications (like NocoDB for smart spreadsheets).

Cache - Redis

Spin up a cache to keep your site fast, and save database accesses.

Cache - Memcached

Serve content at scale with trusted open source software.

Analytics - Umami

Serve some JS? Astro can automatically hydrate interactive components when they become visible on the page.

Data - Object Storage

Manage your data with S3-compatible object storage.

Business - NocoDB

Get up and running with shared spreadsheets to manage your business fast.


After launching services, you can get support when you need it, on demand. If it doesn't 'just work', it's a bug.

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Making it easier to run open source

Spend less time
managing infrastructure

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Try the free tier, before you buy a managed instance.

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