Batch #1

Cache Memory Redis

Redis needs no introduction. Redis provides a shared cache for your frequently used data, allows use of complex data types, streams and all sorts of features.

Cache Memory Memcached

Memcached is a venerable piece of web infrastructure. Memcached provides a simple shared shared cache for your frequently used data and resources.

Storage Object Storage S3 Compatible Swift (S3 compatible)

Openstack Swift provides a enterprise-grade storage fabric for applications and also a reliable S3-compatible storage layer.

Storage Object Storage S3 Compatible CloseCache Proxy

CloseCache Proxy is a provider-local cache for your S3 storage that lives closer to your data.
Bring your own storage (AWS S3, Backblaze B2, Cloudflare R2) and we'll provide faster write/retrieval for your hottest data.

Observability Metrics Prometheus

Prometheus is a top-class open-source monitoring solution which helps to record metrics.

Observability Tracing Jaeger

Jaeger is a open-source distributed tracing solution, providing the ability to monitor and trace application performance and interconnection across applications.

Observability Tracing Zipkin

Zipkin is one of the earliest distributed tracing solution, collecting timing data to help troubleshoot latency problems.

Observability Logs Loki

Loki is a highly scalable log aggregation system with tag-based search.

Sustainable F/OSS Hosting

F/OSS projects hosted by NimbusWS receive 10%-30% of revenue generated after entering into an agreement with Nimbus.

Building and maintaining software is hard, and software maintainers (especially small ones) should be rewarded for their contributions. NimbusWS embraces it's responsibility as a consumer of free and open source software.

NimbusWS aims to empower smaller infrastructure providers, open source project developers and maintainers, and cloud consumers with tight budgets, in a virtuous cycle that helps out the community as a whole.

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Batch #2

Email List Management Listmonk
CMS Strapi
Database Row Disk Postgres
Database Columnar Disk Clickhouse
Observability Logs Graylog
Queue Ephemeral NATS
Queue Ephemeral NSQ
Queue Persistent Kafka
Queue Persistent NATS Jetstream

Batch #3

CMS Keystone
Database Flexible AeroSpike
Database Document RethinkDB
Queue Ephemeral RabbitMQ
Queue Persistent NATS Liftbridge
Queue Persistent Pulsar
Observability Metrics Graphite
Operation Incident Management Dispatch
Operation Alerting GoAlert
Operation Alerting Cabot
Operation Dashboards Karma
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