Redis-compatible cache for your applications

Skip the trip to the database.

Fast data caching for your application,
powered by KeyDB.


Check out what Cache looks like

Cache provisioning screen

Provision a new instance

Choose your region, persistence and availability options.

Cache manage screen

Manage your instance

Log into your instance easily with the provided credentials, secured by TLS.


What else can Cache do?

Starts up in seconds

Get instance credentials and start issuing commands fast.

Great for ephemeral usage, even in CI environments.


KeyDB can scale performance further than 'vanilla' Redis because it's multi-threaded.

Scale up simply, before resorting to clustering.


All instances are protected with SSL (TLS) and AUTH credentials

Connect to your instances from anywhere with peace of mind.


Some answers to your questions.

Which parts of the Redis API does KeyDB support?

KeyDB has has extensive support for all the commands you know and love from REDIS.

See the official KeyDB documentation for a full listing

How is access to cache instances protected?

All Redis-compatible cache instances are protected by SSL (TLS) and require AUTH to be provided with a username and password.

Can I self-host KeyDB?

Yes, KeyDB is open source and you can self-host it. Please see the documentation for more information.

What Nimbus Web Serivces offers you is managed hosting for KeyDB -- no need to provision servers or worry about uptime.

With Nimbus, you can provision a new KeyDB instance as fast as you can click a button.

What does the Redis-compatible Cache cost?

As a hosted service on Nimbus, Cache costs differ depending on your needs. Most sites are fine with a Small instance.

Size Memory Price* Monthly Price (avg) *
Free 50MB $0.00 USD/day $0 USD/month
Extra Small 512MB $0.12 USD/day $3.60 USD/month
Small 1GB $0.22 USD/day $6.60 USD/month
Medium 2GB $0.42 USD/day $12.60 USD/month
Large 4GB $0.82 USD/day $24.60 USD/month
Extra Large 8GB $0.07 USD/hour $50.40 USD/month
2XL 16GB $0.14 USD/hour $100.80 USD/month

*Prices are approximate and may vary by month, including but not limited to leap years.

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How are backups handled?

Backups can be taken at any time on persistent cache instances.

To create a backup, click 'Create Backup' in the UI, and the backup process will start. Note that you may experience some slowness while the backup is underway.

Once your backup is completed, check the 'Backups' tab and download it to your machine. If you encounter any issues, please contact Nimbus Support.

Will I have access to the cache process?

No, Nimbus is a managed service provider -- this means that we are not a VPS hosting service, in particular for Redis-compatible caches.

As such, we cannot give you access to the underlying infrastructure powering your cache instance, to ensure security of other customers and tenants.

Supported Regions

Launch this application in any of the Nimbus regions below:

EU - Germany - Falkenstein (Hetztner)

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