Object Storage

Object storage for data-driven applications

S3-compatible durable object storage for your applications.

Build data-driven applications and tooling
quickly and easily.


Check out what Object Storage looks like

Object storage main screen

Object Storage

The Object Storage project creation screen is easy to use.

Object storage billing screen

Track your usage and spend

With built in billing and usage tracking, track your usage in real-time.

CLI compatible

CLI Compatability

Use aws-cli,s3cmd or any other S3-compatible CLI to access your data.


What else can Object Storage do?

Strong data durability

Powered by multiple layered solutions (including trusted platform primitives like Hetzner Storage Box), we provide stability far above a single solution.

We make sure your backups have backups.

Close to your data

Pick object-storage that runs closer to your data than any other providers -- right in your small cloud.

Super-charge your cloud-native workloads that need object storage.

Per-account stats

Granular statistics on your storage, & egress usage & charges

Easy visibility into your spend, as it happens.


Some answers to your questions.

Where is data stored?

Data is stored at least once in the target region, and replicated to other regions for durability.
It is possible to ensure that data is never stored in certain regions, to comply with regulations like GDPR.

How can stored objects be accessed?

Unlike other storage providers, buckets are protected at the scope of namespaces on Nimbus.

This means that your organization is assigned a specific URL prefix (ex. your-org.objects.storage.nimbusws.com), and all buckets will be subdomains of that domain (ex. test-bucket.your-org.objects.storage.nimbusws.com).

What does Object Storage cost?

As a core infrastructure service on Nimbus, Object Storage is priced competitively.

Account Type Price
Free* $0.00 per GB
Other $0.01 per GB

*The free tier is limited to 25MB and data is wiped every 24 hours.

Sign up to order a object storage namespace.

Can I export my data from my object storage buckets?

Yes, data can be exported at any time. Using CLI and other tools, you may pull data at any time, for any reason.

Will I have access to the machine that Object Storage runs on?

No, Nimbus is a managed service provider -- this means that we are not a VPS hosting service.

As such, we cannot give you access to the underlying infrastructure powering our Object Storage solution.

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